Download Dr.Web Anti-virus Light for Android Galaxy and htc

Definition program Dr.Web Anti-virus Light for Android , Galaxy S and htc :
Anti-virus software Dr.Web Anti-virus Light for Android is a short, simple program, and strong gives you complete protection against all threats that monitor your Android devices.


Different ways to check device using Dr.Web Anti-virus Light for Android , Galaxy S and htc :

The software allows you to scan your Android according to three different ways as follows:

  1. Quick check: during which is checked important files to the device, and files most susceptible to a malicious program.
  2. Full scan: where is checked all the files and folders in the device.
  3. Specialist scan: and you can through this kind of scan that scans a specific place without the other.

Some key features of program Dr.Web Anti-virus Light for Android , Galaxy S and htc :

  1. You can delete the infected files, or move them to quarantine so as not to infect other files.
  2. Dr.Web Anti-virus Light for Android Lets you save files on the device safely after completely sure of being intact.
  3. You can by Dr.Web Anti-virus Light for Android detect any spyware or any other type of malicious software with big ease, even if the malware is not yet known.
  4. features a the consumption of a small amount of system resources, and not to exhaust the battery significantly.


Info Technical
Category: SmartphonesAndroidAndroid apps
Title:    Dr.Web Anti-virus Light
Filename:    Dr.Web Anti-virus.apk
File size:    Varies with device
Requires Android: Varies with device
Languages:    en-US
Date added:    September 28, 2013
Author:    Doctor Web, Ltd

Dr.Web Anti-virus Light

Dr.Web Anti-virus Light


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