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Definition of Nero Kwik Media software :
Nero Kwik Media is a program you can manage media files different to your existing whether those files are audio, or video, or photoswhere you can, for example, open it, and run it, arranged, as well as you can from the manufacture of DVD’s and Blu-ray Disc of them, thisIn addition to many other functions that the program can do, and that some may talk about later.
Key features of Nero Kwik Media :
  • Nero Kwik Media  lets you create slide shows distinctive, it also lets you publish directly to Facebook, YouTube or other, whether those offers for images or video files.
  • You can run most existing types of media files you have, whether those files are on your computer, or have been taken with the camera, or exist on a mobile device or other.
  • You can use Nero Kwik Media that the the cylinders media industry, which want them, whether those CDs a CD, DVD or Blu-ray to be able to keep those files in a safe place and also be able to take it with you wherever you are.
  • Nero Kwik Media lets you industry featured albums of photos that you want, for example, you can create an album contains pictures of the all family, with each image you can attach the data you want for each person in the form of special and beautiful.
  • Nero Kwik Media  works to search for images that you want with great accurately, high speed which you can access any image very easily.
  • Nero Kwik Media  lets you create distinctive calendar that contains your favorite images, and in addition to that you can add important dates you do, and put the pictures out function.

This, of course, in addition to the many different functions that this program can do to prove that the string for Nero products continue to successful success in the world of computers, and Nero products really deserves of our respect.

Info Technical
Category: Windows | CD and DVD Tools | Burning
Software Title:    Nero Kwik Media 12.5.00300
File size:    185.23MB
Work On:    Windows XP 32bit+64bit / Vista  32bit+64bit / 7 32bit+64bit / 8 32bit
Languages:    English -US
License:    Freeware
Date added:    December 7, 2013
Author:    Nero Inc
Homepage: www.nero.com
Nero Kwik Media


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