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If we entered in the hadeeth about browsers different, it may be the first thing that comes to mind is the browsers most famous in this field, such as Internet Explorer, FirefoxGoogle Chrome, Opera, and  Safari browser as well, and we wonder often not achieved those browsers this fame,and characterized from other browsers. Because this issue of concern to many of us decided to rotate our conversation during the next lines for one of those browsers to publicly recognize the reasons which have helped to increase his popularity not only in the field of computers, but also in the field of portable devices, this browser which we will talk about is the browser Opera  .

The difference between popularity achieved by the Opera browser in the computer and portable devices :

If our search for popular browser Opera in the computer field, and in the field of portable devices, we find that it achieves greater success in the field of portable devices, which occupies the Opera Mini ranked first among browsers designed specifically for mobile devices even with the increase the number of browsers allocated to those devices, and multiple advantages. As for the computer field, we find that it comes in fourth place after the Internet Explorer, Firefox, and google chrome, which is loved by the majority of users.

Opera browser features :

  • Browser Opera fast: This feature of the most important features that distinguish this browser, so that the user is always looking for faster browsing of the Internet, even after increasing the speeds of different connection to the Internet, the speed of the browser by a large factor, and factors helping to increase that speed browser Opera property known as Opera Turbo, specially designed for owners of Internet slow to enable them to increase the speed of open pages by pressing the pages and reduced in size to the maximum extent possible in addition to several other ways to user eventually able to open a web page as quickly as possible.
  • characterized the Opera browser interface gravity, beauty with ease of use, and contains several colors you can choose what you prefer, including to suit your taste, and makes you feel greater psychological comfort.
  • Provides you with tabbed browsing feature in the sense that you can open more than one page in a single window, and navigate among them very easily by clicking on the tab of the page you want to browse.
  • With the Opera browser will not need to have a separate Bit Torrent program, where the browser contains a torrent inside property, which enables you to download depending on bit torrent without his presence, and that as soon as you press the torrent button on your browser.
  • Supports keyboard shortcuts.
  • Opera Supports control interface through the sound of opera, in the sense that they responds to some of the words that you say, condition that those words in English, as that language is currently supported such property.

Here stops us talk about the advantages of custom opera program for the desktop , and leave you to try it.


Info Technical

Category: windows | Browsers and Plugins | Browsers
Title:    Opera 18.0.1284.49
File size:   12.54MB
Requirements:   Work On:    Windows XP 64bit / Vista  64bit /  7 64bit / 8 64bit
Languages:    Multiple languages
License:    Freeware
Date added:    December 2, 2013
Author:    Opera Software
Homepage:  www.opera.com



 Download Opera for computers – Opera SoftwareDownload


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