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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy
The Privacy Policy Items “DownloadSoftwareAPK.com”, Dated 14/11/2014:

Our dear visitor:
Our site is an integrated advertising system, for international firms, Google AdSense is one of our advertising projects, when you visit our site, these firms have the privilege to use the information about your visit, except you name, address, phone number and email, in order to provide advertisements about items and services of your  interest using  the cookies.
If you need further information regarding the settings of your privacy and privacy policy of this site, please read these terms carefully.
We in site “DownloadSoftwareAPK.com”, give great concern of our visitors’ privacy, the policy in this document outlines which personal information we collect and how we use them.

  •  DownloadSoftwareAPK.com uses Google Ads as a resource offund, and therefore Google Ads uses DownloadSoftwareAPK.com different pages for advertisement. Reading the DART file, Google can view advertisements of the user’s interest depending on their visits to the different pages.
  •  Visitors can disable the DART reading setting by visiting Google Ads privacy policy and content network.

Logging files:

  •  Like all other servers,DownloadSoftwareAPK.com  server uses the log files system, in which the internet protocol included ( addresses, browser, Internet Service Provider (ISP), date, time, and number of clicks to analyze trends)
  • Through this process DownloadSoftwareAPK.com aims to collect information about our clients to enhance the quality of the advertisements, and so does Google, as this information are kept confidential and within the scope of development and improvement of our site only.

Cookies and networks settings:

  • Google uses cookies to store information about the interests of clients and visitors, and a special register for the user record specific information on which pages the user access or visit, by this step, we identify the concerns of visitors and any topics most preferred by them so that we can develop our content and knowledge services.
  •  Partner firms as Google and Google AdSense have access to cookies and networks settings of our site and our visitors.
  •  These partner firms as the third party, are pursuing such data and statistics via Internet protocols for the purpose of improving the quality of their ads and measure their effectiveness, and these firms according to our agreements have the privilege use the technical tools such as cookies, network settings, JavaScript, for the same purposes mentioned above and which are summarized in the development of advertising content for these firms, without any other purposes of abusing our visitors.
  •  DownloadSoftwareAPK.com have no control or access to these files, after you accept on copying them from your computer, DownloadSoftwareAPK.com is not responsible for any bad illegal use of these files.
  •  Finally, we are committed according to these terms to show you how to disable the cookies settings through your browsers options, or through reading Google privacy policy and content network.
  •   For further information regarding our privacy policy , please contact us at allnewnet@gmail.com
  • These terms of  policy may be updated  and change data any time we see it necessary.

Mahmood el-qassas : Executive Director of the advertising DownloadSoftwareAPK.com Foundation.
These items are subject to policy development and change in the content at any time we see necessary